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Space When Ready

Project type




Technology used

Unity3D, C#, Custom Physics

Production date

7 weeks (2016)

Team size



With a small team of 2 designers, 2 artist and a single programmer, we were tasked to create a physics based puzzle game. To make this extra challenging, the physics had to be a custom implementation. Obviously, our lone programmer had to dedicate all the time he had to this, so for prototyping we were left with our own skills. After several failed pitches, we got the green light for a reversed version of Angry Birds, where you have to protect the characters being shot. The name Space when Ready came from one of the early prototypes, which was the only instruction you had on screen.

My responsibilities


As mentioned in the description, since our dedicated programmer was too occupied with creating the custom physics implementation, I took the responsibility of creating the gameplay prototypes. I used Unity's built in physics for this which could be replaced with the custom physics later.

The prototypes allowed us to quickly test concepts and iterate on design decisions. Once we created a satisfactory set of gameplay elements, we moved on to level design.

Level design & building

I created several levels that aim to teach and challenge the player in a fun and engaging manner. I iterated on the shapes that are available to the player, both in amount and type variety (Such as boxes, spheres, stairs and others).