Merlijn van der Kamp

Creative developer

Hi! I'm Merlijn, 23 years of age, currently living in The Netherlands.

I have worked on various creative and technical projects, where I have gained many hours of experience in fields such as web development, UI/UX design and game prototyping.

As a creative developer, I enjoy learning about new techniques, to create new experiences and make existing ones even better. I like to work in a small team, but when I can focus on something all by myself, that's where I can really shine.

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7.5 / 10 Average grade at university
5+ years of general game design
1000+ hours of level design
10+ years of web development
3+ years of professionally working in teams
23 years of real life
TOO MANY hours of playing games


Pretty good
Not afraid to use this
Engines / editors
Languages & frameworks
JS (ES6)
Ember 3.5
G Suite



  • Dutch - Native
  • English - Professional proficiency


  • Agile development (scrum)
  • Managing Slack communications

Things people said about me over the years

  • Pleasant to work with
  • Valuable addition to the team
  • Pro-active
  • Always on time
  • Truly a wizard

Me, the human

Image of myself standing, looking like a goofball with lots of long hair being all over the place

Web alias

16 differently colored pixels Zemanzo

Things I like


Descriptive words

The long haired man

I was born and raised in Arnhem, The Netherlands. There, I have been introduced to the world of video games from an early age. I enjoy Nintendo and indie games the most, especially puzzle games. But I certainly do not limit myself to that, enjoying other AAA games occasionally and always trying to find new games that push the boundaries of the medium.

Quickly Doing Games

Talking about pushing boundaries, I'm also an avid fan of speedrunning, and have been doing so myself. I've ran Portal 2 and Quantum Conundrum, with individual levels as a main focus. In other games I also like to go fast, but I haven't actually put in the time to become very skilled at those.

Outside (of games)

Even though a lot of my life revolves around video games, sometimes I just need a break from it all. My favorite thing to do at those times is to go outside, no matter the weather, and just take a long, relaxing walk. Preferably through the beauty of nature, admiring luscious clouds and lofty trees.

And to finish it all off, put on some music once I get home, get comfy and listen to my favorite instrumental soundtracks.


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