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Project type



PC (Audiosurf 2 skin)

Technology used

Lua, Blender

Production date

1 month (2016)


Audiosurf 2 is a game I have been playing since early access. During that period, there were a multitude of updates. One of which completely changed up the default skin. I didn't like the change at all, so I decided to dig into creating my own skin. I based it off of the original, but gave it my own twist and flavors. It ended up gaining quite the following due to its relative simplicity. Thanks to its popularity, I have also created a version that uses the colors of the album-art of the song you are playing.

My responsibilities


I have learned Lua and how to modify the looks of the track, props and vehicle in the game. It was mostly a matter of changing values and duplicating some code, but a good learning experience nonetheless.

Community and iterations

After the initial release, I had some great feedback from the community and responded promptly with requested changes. Although simple, it was appreciated!


Developer comment

Large room blocking view to the exit

Due to the success of my skin, the developer of the game reached out to me for including this skin in the official trailer of the game! Unfortunately, my skin didn't make the cut, but I really appreciate the opportunity either way.