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Bar Wars

Project type




Technology used

Unity3D, Leap Motion

Production date

2 weeks (2016)

Team size



In this short, two-week project we had to develop a game using an alternative method of controls. As such, we used the Leap Motion which is a way to virtualize your hands into a game world.

This arcade type game is set inside a rowdy robot bar, and it is your job to punch your way through as many oncoming robots as you can. Different attacks are required for different types of robots.

My responsibilities


As our team only had a single dedicated programmer, technical resources were scarce. As such, I have been taking the role of creating design prototypes that we could quickly modify and test with.

Based on these prototypes, we (the designers) were able to quickly realise a game design that is feasible to be created within the limited timespan.


Once we had a working prototype using the Leap Motion, I made sure that the gameplay that was available was as enjoyable as possible. Variables such as attack range, score and enemy speed all contributed to the difficulty and enjoyability of the game.